Webinar (1 hour): Physics in Animation – How to Apply Physics in Anime Studio

Jason Cozy from Smith Micro explains physics in the latest official Anime Studio Webinar (hold on March 23, 2012, see here) with lots of examples. Great introduction, a must-see for beginners with the Anime Studio physics engine.


(3:10) Basic setup with layers and shapes, enabling the physics engine.

(9:30) How bones and physics interact (skip to 10:50 to see the example)

(12:00) Angle Constraints and Bone Dynamics (example at 14:10)

(18:00) Non-moving objects and initial moving directions.

(21:45) Object properties: Friction, Springiness, Density

(25:00) Layer origin points (complex example at 28:20)

(31:40) Pinball example, Force fields

(38:40) Washing machine example

(40:20) Example with real cartoon character and background scene: guy falling down a hill. Jason creates it from scratch with elements from the library and answers some additional questions.

Tutorial: Point Level Animation in Anime Studio Pro

rough planningJoey Gates shows how he animated facial expressions for a ten second cartoon. He explains how to animate shapes using points and how he used this to create a complex mouth animation. In this method there are no bones involved, so it is obviously more useful for facial expressions than for body movement. Also it is a lot more fun to work with in comparison to “Tweens” in Flash. Continue reading

Tutorial: How to Draw Eyes in Anime Studio

The Eye Your cartoon characters always have points and circles for eyes? Here is a nice step by step tutorial for detailed cartoon eyes with eyelashes, irides, pupils, the whole package, in a easy to adapt way.

It also shows how to animate blinking, which is important for the characters’ liveliness, and looking in different directions.

Continue reading

Webinar (1 hour) Anime Studio vs. Flash: The Benefits

Chad Troftgruben, an expert on both products, compares Flash to Anime Studio when it comes to character animation. This webinar addresses Flash users and encourages them to try out Anime Studio as alternative.

The webinar was hold on January 19, 2012 (more info on official site) with Flash CS 5 and Anime Studio Pro 8.1


The following aspects are covered by the webinar (with minute position in the video):

(5:00) Difference of the drawing tools: The freehand tool in Flash is very dynamic and flexible but on the other hand there is much more control in Anime Studio.

(11:50) Skeletal Animation: The bone tool is an essential feature in Anime Studio, in Flash it was introduced in CS 4 and has still some limitations (e.g. no bones over multiple layers).

(21:30) Camera movement: Flash does not have an explicit camera option, so it has to be simulated by moving all objects. Note that Anime Studio even provides an automatic depth effect (background objects moving slower than foreground objects via z-position) Continue reading

Webinar (1 hour): Creating Characters for Sale in Anime Studio

I present you a recording of the “Creating Characters and Content for Sale in Anime Studio” Webinar hold by animation professional David Knight (DKToons, Australians know him from this site)

Obviously it is focused on characters for sale (Smith Micro runs a marketplace for animation content on contentparadise.com where you can buy and sell anime studio characters and other resources for 2d and 3d animation). But even if you don’t intend to create content for sale this is a great tutorial for quality cartoon characters. Continue reading